Family Dentist – Dental Care For All Ages

March 12, 2018

In this day and time, it seems we’re all over the place getting the things done our family needs so we can have full and healthy lives. Everything is a speciality, and convenience is difficult to find! Coffee shops, frozen yogurt shops, the gym, the yoga studio, the grocery store, the pharmacy, and the incidental shopping… UGH! Nothing is close together.

This theme has also leaked into the healthcare fields. You have your internal medicine doctor, your neurologist, your orthopedic specialist, your GYN, your dermatologist, and rarely, if ever, are they in the same area, let alone the same building! This goes for dentistry, too. You have all the specialities: orthodontist, prosthodontist, endodontist, periodontist, oral surgeon, pedodontist, pediatric dentists… the list goes on. Who has the time to take kids to one dentist, and themselves to another one that is across town? It’s hard to find appointments on the same day, in separate offices, with corresponding times so that you can keep everyone on the same schedule! In many cases, mom and dad forfeit their own dental health and needs to take care of the children.

Would you like to have all of your family members cared for in one place, in an environment that your kids will actually look forward to visiting?

Shades Creek Dental hopes to be that place for you and your family! As a family dentist office, we love providing services to adults and children alike. We should be able to accommodate the majority of your family’s needs. Of course, there can and will be times when we feel your best result will be at the hands of a particular specialist, but Dr. MacBeth is equipped to handle treatments ranging from cleanings, fillings, and teeth whitening, to root canals, extractions & dental implants.

We’re easily accessible to many neighborhoods in the Homewood area south of downtown Birmingham, situated in front of Broadway Park Condominiums. We’re open every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and our office is open Friday and Wednesday by appointment as well. If you’d like to experience the convenience that comes along with same-location appointments with a family dentist, give us a call us today (205-417-2750) or contact us here to book your first visit and simplify your schedule.

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