Should I Straighten My Teeth?

February 22, 2018

Should I straighten my teeth?


As a dental care provider, the first reactions people have to us and our profession is 1) “I hate the dentist!”, and 2) “What do you think about my teeth?” The first reaction is accented with a cringe and a furrowed brow. The second reaction is normally accompanied by an action of opening their mouth, very wide, and pulling their cheeks back with their fingers so we have an unobstructed view. Both reactions are expected, but neither is appropriate. We do hope the people we meet are concerned with their teeth, and we are always happy to answer basic questions. But having a look in your mouth without the assistance of good lighting and proper instruments, we cannot make any kind of valid assessment.

So, to answer the initial “Should I” question, again, it’s “Maybe!” The position of your teeth in your mouth and the need for orthodontics can vary. Mildly misaligned teeth that do not cause food traps and are still fairly easy to clean can be left as they are with little to no complications. You certainly can have orthodontics to make them all straight little soldiers, but it’s not mandatory. An alignment that presents teeth that are crowded and overlapping is going to be a more demanding case. It’s harder to get to all the surfaces of the teeth to brush away plaque and debris, and this can and will cause areas of decay and potential gum disease. Now, when the alignment presents rotated teeth and crowding that prevents proper cleaning and removal of build-up and food bits, you’re looking at a lifetime of issues. Rampant decay and aggressive gum disease will cause tooth loss and the need for more and more dental procedures. In the long run, an initial investment in orthodontics can be a very inexpensive approach to dental care.

But I’m an adult! I don’t want all that metal in my mouth! You are in luck! With the advancements of dentistry and orthodontics, we can offer to you a very adult way to straighten your teeth. At Shades Creek Dental, we use Invisalign clear aligner technology (some might call them “invisible braces”) to move your teeth into a position that is more aesthetically pleasing and healthier for your tissues. We will use a 3D scanner to make digital molds of your teeth, and you can see what your smile can look like BEFORE starting treatment!

The aligner trays are worn continually, except when you eat meals (brush and floss your teeth directly afterward). You switch to a new set of trays every 1-2 weeks, depending on your case specifics, and do this for the entirety of your outlined orthodontic program. You will have a short appointment with the doctor every 4-6 weeks so we can monitor your progress. Milder cases can be as little as 6 months, while more involved cases can be up to 2+ years.

To find out what your case plan will be, you should call our office for an Invisalign Consultation, and our doctor and team members can formulate a program that will fit your needs and produce the desired smile you want. If you are not a good candidate for Invisalign, we will work with local specialists to ensure an outcome that is healthy and tailored to your personal needs.

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To read more about our Invisalign clear braces solutions, hop over to our Invisalign page.

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Ron Alyn MacBeth, DMD