Tooth Fillings

When repairing a small cavity, a filling may restore your tooth to shape and function. Following the decay removal, the tooth is cleaned, and a special bonding agent is placed to hold the tooth-colored filling. After the procedure, your tooth is restored to optimal dental health with tooth-colored fillings to restore esthetics as well.

Same-Day Dental Crowns

When a tooth’s structure is compromised by large fillings, cracks, or trauma, a crown rebuilds it to optimal shape and function. After removing tooth structure from the sides and top of the tooth, a 3D image is captured to fabricate a crown that fits over the remaining tooth and restore the tooth to its natural function and color.

Normally, this process would take you multiple trips to your dentist’s office to get the appropriate fit for your tooth – but not in our clinic! We use CEREC same day crown technology that results in a perfectly-fitted crown on your first visit. Better yet, our process uses digital imaging to design your crown, meaning there’s no uncomfortable mouthful of impression putty required.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth. It uses teeth on either side of the missing tooth for support. It is important to replace a missing tooth to prevent over-eruption of the opposing tooth or shifting of your adjacent teeth. Depending on the case, we can utilize our 3D scanner to make the bridge in our office the same day.

Root Canals

A root canal is needed when the nerve of the tooth has become damaged by injury or infected by decay. This procedure saves the tooth and helps restore it to its natural function. The procedure consists of removing the infected tissue, sealing the canal that has been created, and placing a filling or crown over the tooth.

Root canals are an important part of maintaining proper dental health. If left untreated, a tooth requiring a root canal can develop an abscess, a serious medical condition that can result in jaw bone loss and a potential visit to the emergency room. If you experience jaw swelling, fever, or tooth pain, you should give us a call at (205) 417-2750 immediately.


When a tooth has become so extensively decayed or damaged, Dr. MacBeth may recommend extracting the tooth to make way for a replacement restoration. This procedure utilizes special instruments to gently ease the tooth from the socket. While the socket is healing, we can provide you with a temporary tooth, if needed, until the site has healed and allows for a permanent restoration.

Bone Grafts

A bone graft can be done to repair an area of the jaw where a tooth used to be or where there is insufficient bone. This is often the first step in replacing a tooth with a dental implant.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can replace missing teeth and restore your mouth to optimum function. It stabilizes the surrounding bone, tissue, and teeth by substituting itself for the root structure of the missing teeth. This helps prevent further serious complications that can arise if the missing tooth is left untreated, such as the deterioration of jaw bone at the site of the missing tooth. Dental implants are seen as the “Gold Standard” in tooth replacement, and Dr. MacBeth works closely with area specialists to provide this service to his patients.

Complete Dentures

For patients requiring replacement of all teeth on the upper and/or lower arch of the mouth, removable dentures are a great option. They replace all the missing teeth and improve overall function for eating and speech. The process will take multiple visits to deliver a great removable prosthesis to restore your esthetics and function, and Dr. MacBeth works closely with some of the best lab technicians available to provide you with this service.

Partial Dentures

When a patient’s condition does not allow for bridges or dental implants, a removable partial denture is an excellent choice to improve esthetics and replace missing teeth. A partial denture takes advantage of your existing teeth to anchor the removable prosthesis in place. The process takes multiple visits and Dr. MacBeth works closely with some of the best lab technicians available to deliver a great removable prosthesis that will help restore your esthetics and function.

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