There are not many people throughout the United States who are super excited to visit the dentist for their regular dental checkup or for any other kind of procedure. From our childhood and into adulthood, the thought of going to the dentist for dental care has been a fear for lots of individuals. However, visiting the dentist is essential for good dental health and to ensure that you always have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Oral health care providers are well aware that there is a fear associated with dental visits, and they have been working throughout the years to reduce those fears. Modern dentistry has made great progress in advanced dental technology as well as patient education, so the hesitation and fears of dental hygiene visits has lessened over time.

At Shades Creek Dental in Homewood, AL, our team is dedicated to helping patients achieve their oral health goals, have a great smile, and prevent serious issues like tooth decay and oral cancer. We are also proficient in cosmetic dentistry procedures and orthodontic treatment to ensure that you and your family have great smiles and healthy natural teeth. Our team is also dedicated to staying up-to-date in the latest and most advanced technology to give each patient the best possible treatment plan and dental care experience.

Benefits of Great Oral Hygiene

When you make the investment in superior oral health care, you will reap a variety of benefits associated with good oral hygiene. Some of the top benefits for patients at Shades Creek Dental in the Birmingham, AL, area include:

  • Healthy, brilliant smile
  • Prevention of serious issues like tooth decay (cavities), gum disease, and oral cancer
  • Reduced need for treatments such as root canals or oral surgery
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Better overall health
  • Help with other related conditions and diseases such as sleep apnea and diabetes

No matter what your age or current health, everyone can reap the benefits of high-quality dental care from dentists such as ours at Shades Creek Dental. Call now to schedule an appointment with our dentistry experts.

Advancements in Oral Health and Dental Services

Every year there are great advancements in dental technology, and at Shades Creek Dental, our dentistry professionals are dedicated to staying updated on all of these advancements in patient treatment and care. Some of the new technology that we have invested in at our dentistry office include:

  • Digital x-rays: Most people who have visited the dentist have had to suffer through the old-style x-ray to get images of their entire mouth. They were uncomfortable and did not always provide the best possible image quality. With modern dentistry, the digital x-ray has now become the standard. Digital x-rays provide the same service but are more comfortable for the patients and give better image quality so you do not have to worry about retaking the x-ray.
  • Intraoral cameras: A tiny digital camera can be used to capture images inside your mouth that your dentist can use and display to you while explaining a procedure such as placement of dental implants or dentures. The intraoral camera can also be used in conjunction with the dental mirror to ensure that the dental expert is able to see exactly where the issue in your mouth may be without adjacent teeth getting in the way.
  • 3-D imaging: In just a few seconds, the 3-D imaging machine can create a complete 3-dimensional image of your mouth and head that can be used for the discussion of all kinds of dental procedures during a consultation.
  • Artificial intelligence for placement of dental implants: It is essential for the health and well-being of our patients that the placement of dental implants is done precisely. The benefit of modern technology in the dental care field is that our dentists can assure patients that their implants will be placed exactly where they need to be to avoid any further pain or discomfort in the teeth and gums.
  • Teledentistry: With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become an essential service to be able to speak with your dentist without actually coming into the dental office. The risk of contracting the virus is simply too great when it comes to simply needing a consultation. So, dental offices around the country have evolved and now you can speak with your dentist online to ensure that no one is putting their life at risk.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality: When in dental school, students need to be able to see exactly what they are doing and know what they need to improve upon before they begin to work on actual patients. With augmented and virtual reality, they can be immersed in a virtual environment to learn and observe no matter where they are.

Contact Our Homewood, AL, Office for Information on Dental Implants and Other Essential Dental Services

If you are a resident in Homewood, AL, or the surrounding areas and you are looking for a dental care team with advanced dental technology and a caring atmosphere, look no further than Shades Creek Dental. We are dedicated to helping patients achieve their dental goals and to have the healthiest smiles possible.

Our team offers comprehensive dental health care in the Birmingham, AL, area, and we are committed to ensuring that our patients feel comfortable, relaxed, and well-informed. We know that there is a fear that often accompanies the thought of going to the dentist, but we also realize that if a dental issue is left unchanged, it can become far worse and more painful. That is why we have tried to change the feelings of fear by making sure our patients understand the process for every treatment they need.

To learn more about all of our dental care services or to schedule an appointment for professional cleaning, contact Shades Creek Dental. We cannot wait to see you and help you make your smile goals a reality!